First visits and referrals

In our center we work with your vet in the most complicated eye cases, so your pet comes back to health as soon as possible.

We also visit owners concerned about loss of vision, eye redness, eye pain, abnormal eye discharge, cataracts, skin abnormalities around the eyes …


When do we think its necessary to refer a case?

  • In the presence of any unusual disease  or because the owner asks an specialist.
  • Provided that no diagnosis is reached
  • Provided that the treatment does not give the expected response
  • Provided that the owner wants a second opinion or to a very worried owner
  • Chronic disease in which the owner’s cooperation and understanding is important



Each case and each patient is different, but all first visit consists of:

  • General physical examination
  • Comprehensive, systematic and structured eye exam
  • Sampling (if necessary)
  • Photo shooting for monitoring the case
  • Explanation of the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment to both owner and veterinarian



Now you can also benefit from other services at our clinic:


  • general medicine and first opinion
  • rehabilitation, acupuncture and sport medicine

Call us or leave a message and we will give you advice






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